We are the parent organization for the Colorado Mountain Dog with the internationally recognized American Rare Breed Association.  All dogs registered through the CMDR are automatically double registered in these organizations. The CMDR is the club for the original CMD, organized by the breed founder, and having a 20 person active board which includes vets, professional breeders, people with genetics degrees, publicists, and many others who volunteer out of love for this booming breed.

The goal of the CMDR is to provide and maintain an international standard, maintain a pedigree database and make it accessible, educate and encourage breeders towards excellence, and to promote the breed worldwide. The goal of the CMDR board is to listen to the membership, and to function as a think tank.

We also publish www.ColoradoMountainDogs.com, a beautiful online magazine with articles, photos, classifieds and farm ads, as well as a quarterly newsletter.

The Colorado Mountain Dog was developed in Colorado specifically for small acreage farming. They are tall, big boned dogs with a medium long coat, bred to love people and guard livestock, interacting easily with their families, farm workers and guests, as they keep predators away from the herds and flocks. Check out our breed standard for specifics.