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Litter Registration

Choose one:

*Basic Litter Registration (top form) is $15 for the whole liter. Basic litter registration is required for all CMDR litters. This places litters in the litter database, but not in the main database. When your client registers an individual pup from your farm, we go find its info in the litter database.

*Full Litter Registration (second form), is $15 per pup, and places your litter in the Litter Database, and all your pups into the main database individually.  This lets you give your clients fully registered pups. New owners can come do a free update so the pup has a permanent name and an owner update.

Visit the CMD Store to send registration fees in.

Basic Litter Registration


Thank you and congrats on your litter!

Full Litter Registration


Thank you and congratulations on your litter!

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