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CMDR Annual Farm Fee

The CMDR Farm Fee is $25 annually. To sign up, visit the CMD Store!

Purchase as many years as you want.  The Farm Fee is how you list a farm name with the CMDR, and choose your Farm Letters.  These 3 to 4 letters/numbers will begin the registration numbers for all dogs born on your farm, and they are permanent prefixes on their pedigree names.  If you buy a dog from another farm, you can edit the dog's name to include your farm letters as a suffix.  The prefix denotes birthplace and is permanent, the suffix denotes current owner, and is editable.

The Farm Fee supports all the functions of our breed, from website expenses, to breed education, marketing, and pedigree database maintenance.  When your Farm Fee is current, you may register dogs at the member rate, and also list farm names and letters with the registry. 

To list a CMDR farm name, and farm letters after submitting a CMDR Farm Fee, contact CMDR Registrar, Anna Larson.


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