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New CMD Candidates

Our studbooks are not closed. Heart, temperament, gentleness, intelligence is above everything. We are looking for dogs who openly greet people they don't know, and are not hostile unless there is an obvious reason. We're looking for working guardians, good guarding ability, less wandering, much less barking, and stable temperaments, above looks.

Purebred LGDs can be registered if they meet the criteria, but only as foundation dogs, or FDs. 

We have a physical standard although we prioritize function over type.  Our dogs are tall, and big-boned, although not heavily structured, nor do they have heavy heads.  The jowls are more refined, and they don't drool. 

We're looking for a long coat dog, but not as thick as a GP coat.  LGD crosses which have the thick fur on mane and tail, but a medium long body coat, are perfect.  A well bred CMD has a silky coat, not cottony soft or overly course, which sheds dirt and stays clean. Short coated dogs may be used in development, to be crossed with long coats.

We require genetic health screening, and hip testing with your local veterinarian. OFA or Pennhip are recommended, though not required.

If you have a dog who you think may fit, contact us! - CMDR new genetics organizer, Michelle Tate --

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