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Payment Page for CMDR Dog or Pup Registration, Litter Registration, Ownership Transfers, or Database Edits

CMDR registrations, transfer of ownership, litter registration, or database edits require an annual client fee, which is $25, and are $15 per entry. Non-client registration is $30. There is a quantity box in the checkout window for sending payments for multiple registrations or other edits. (For non-client registration click 2 in quantity.)

Breeders - Litter Registration is required for all CMDR litters.  It costs $15 for the whole litter.  This puts your litter in the CMDR litter database, but it does not put individual puppies into the main database. We recommend that the breeder then register the entire litter at $15 a pup... (the first pup is free). This puts all your pups into the CMDR database, and then breeders can give new owners a fully registered pup. The CMDR will do the first owner and pup name change free of charge for the new owner, and the new owners do not need to purchase a membership to have their pups in their name. They can still log into our database and view their pup's pedigrees. This is a great service to clients, and it supports the work of organizing our breed.

Payments are made here, and then the info may be submitted for registrar approval on our database:

You can also contact our registrar directly at

If you have a non-registered working livestock guardian dog, who you think fits the CMD breed goals, and you'd like to submit the dog as a possible breeding candidate, please contact

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